PVC Pipe Association Member Benefits - Uni-Bell

Expanding Use of PVC Pipe is Our Key Objective

Your Collective Voice

Supporting your industry association is the most important investment you can make. It presents a unique opportunity to enhance your organizational effectiveness, access a broader information network, and play an active role in achieving the common objectives of our industry.

Providing Exceptional Value Since 1971

Uni-Bell has been the official voice of the PVC pipe industry since 1971, serving the engineering, regulatory, public health and standardization communities. Our new emphasis on media relations and advocacy aims to enhance our industry’s profile with federal, state and local government lawmakers and officials. This, combined with ongoing technical leadership, will help us expand the use of PVC pipe among North America utilities.

Enhanced Media Outreach

As well as publishing articles in major trade periodicals, Uni-Bell now publishes articles in magazines read by federal, state and local government policy makers. Our objective is to inform those who control the purse strings about more cost-effective and longer-lasting materials for underground infrastructure.

Opening New Markets

Regional Engineers Working for You

A strong and unified PVC Pipe Association is key to advancing the business interests of our industry and all companies in our sector. Since 2004, our Regional Engineer Program has opened up new specifications for water, wastewater, force main and storm sewer infrastructure in more than 170 municipalities.

Improving Procurement Regulations and Infrastructure Legislation

Uni-Bell is working hard at building stronger ties with all three levels of government. Our objective is to ensure federal and state funding legislation includes stipulations on open competition, fighting corrosion, improving the durability of piping systems, as well as minimizing break rates, reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency.

Moreover, our efforts in this area will help ensure public funding of underground infrastructure remains a priority – as well as open new markets for the high quality products produced by our industry.

Raising Our Industry Profile

Strengthening our Voice in Washington...and North of the Border

It’s important that our industry maintain a high profile among congressional lawmakers and their staff. Uni-Bell lobbies Congress throughout the year and organizes an annual Congressional Fly-In to keep PVC pipe on the agenda in Washington.

Similarly, north of the border, Uni-Bell maintains regular contact with Canadian political decision-makers at the local, provincial and federal levels.

Continual Outreach and Monitoring on Behalf of Members

Our industry contributes some $14 billion to the economy every year, and its well-being largely depends on the effective use of various communications tools, as well as educational and promotional strategies. Uni-Bell disseminates information to municipalities and other industry stakeholders through regular updates and publications like the Handbook of PVC Pipe. Uni-Bell staff also participate in wide variety of state and national water/wastewater conferences, seminars, trade shows, workshops, standards development forums and other related events.

World-Renowned Technical Expertise and Standards Development Critical to Our Industry’s Success

The Technical Committee supports Uni-Bell’s activities in the engineering, regulatory, public health and standardization communities. It meets twice a year in the spring and fall at the same time as the Operating and Market Development Committees.

Among its main functions, the Committee develops standards, reviews recently adopted or updated ones, and participates in research and development on PVC pipe. Only members may participate.

As well, Uni-Bell attends regular meetings of Standards Development Agencies (SDO’s) and maintains contact with them throughout the year. These SDO’s include the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), NSF International, and others.

Many of the familiar PVC pipe standards used today – such as ASTM D3034 for sewer pipe, and ASTM F679, AWWA C900 and AWWA C905 for water pipe – started as Uni-Bell recommended standard specifications.

The Leading Industry Publication: The Handbook of PVC Pipe

Practical Engineering and Construction Information

Your membership dues support the updating and publication of the Handbook of PVC Pipe: Design and Construction – the most comprehensive reference text on PVC pipe and fittings. The Handbook provides practical engineering and construction information, as well as recommendations on the design and function of PVC piping systems used primarily underground, in both pressure and non-pressure applications. Members can participate in content development through Uni-Bell’s Technical Committee.

Annual Meeting Offers Knowledge and Networking – The Largest Gathering of PVC Pipe Manufacturers in the World.

Presentations cover topics ranging from market assessments for PVC pipe, vinyl resin and related chemicals, to sustainability, technology, legislative affairs and product certification. Participants come from around the world, and their ranks include pipe and fitting manufacturers, resin and additive providers, equipment manufacturers, affiliated associations, and non-profit certification agencies. Speakers include academics, business analysts, engineers, municipal officials, taxpayer advocates, public affairs specialists, etc.

Working in Partnership

To further the objectives of the PVC pipe industry, Uni-Bell also works with other associations such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Taxpayers Union, the Vinyl Institute, National Utility Contractors Association, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation, and the National Rural Water Association, to name a few.