Upcoming Events

Staying Connected

As part of our ongoing efforts to represent the PVC pipe industry in the engineering, regulatory, public health and standardization sectors, Uni-Bell staff participate in a wide variety of events, including state and national water/wastewater conferences, trade shows, seminars, and standards development forums. Staff also attends local, state, and federal government agency meetings.

2023 Events

Feb 7-9 UCT International Conference & Exhibition Orlando, FL
Feb 7-9 HSB Meetings Miami, FL
Feb 27-Mar 3 Rural Water Annual Conference St. George, UT
Mar 20-22 PVCPA 49th Annual Meeting Key West, FL
Mar 29-31 Texas Rural Water Conference Austin, TX
Apr 10-14 Texas Water Houston, TX
Apr 14-21 ASTM International Committee Week Denver, CO
May 17-18 PVCPA Committee Meetings Irving, TX
Jun 11-14 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition Toronto, ON
Jun 27-30 WEF Collection Systems Conference Kansas City, MO
Aug 12-16 UESI Pipelines San Antonio, TX
Aug 29-31 Kansas Water & Wastewater Conference Wichita, KS
Sep 10-13 AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference Philadelphia, PA
Sep 25-27 Plastic Pipes XXI Lake Buena Vista, FL
Oct 2-4 WEFTEC Chicago, IL
Oct 15-17 Southwest AWWA Conference Lafayette, LA
Oct 25-26 PVCPA Committee Meetings Irving, TX
Nov 6-8 ASTM International Committee Week Washington, DC
Dec 5-7 AWWA North American Water Loss Conference Denver, GA

2024 Events

Feb 26-28 PVCPA 50th Annual Meeting Playa Herradura, Costa Rica
Mar 19-21 UCT International Conference & Exhibition Oklahoma City, OK
Apr 9-12 Texas Water Fort Worth, TX
May 22-23 PVCPA Committee Meetings Irving, TX
Jun 10-13 AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference Anaheim, CA
Jul 30-Aug 2 UESI Pipelines Calgary, AB, Canada
Oct 7-9 WEFTEC New Orleans, LA

2025 Events

Mar 24-26 PVCPA 51st Annual Meeting San Diego, CA