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TOPICS: PVC Pipe Association Seminar: Designing, Specifying and Installing PVC Piping Systems

The Cost-Effective, High Performance, Sustainable Choice for Underground Infrastructure

Underground infrastructure across America is in dire need of repair and replacement. Public funds are in short supply. Find out why more and more utilities are using cost-effective, durable, corrosion-proof PVC pipe and why it’s the right choice for your utility/municipality.

Hear from industry experts and obtain the technical and financial information you need to make the best decisions for your community. The seminar provides a complete overview of PVC pipe applications in an interactive format ideal for long-time as well as new users of PVC water and sewer pipe. This is also an opportunity for utilities that do not currently use PVC pipe to learn about the products’ benefits.

The Water Finance Research Foundation has endorsed this educational series: "The knowledge gained from attending this seminar will prove to save tens of thousands of dollars for even the smallest utilities."

Stay informed about pipe material selection criteria. Learn how to access additional funding from your current budget by reducing operations, maintenance and capital costs through life cycle costing and strategic asset management. Get the facts on installation for optimum performance of PVC piping systems. Find out why more utility managers are focusing on installation training as part of the procurement evaluation process for contractors.


Utility Engineers, Installation and Maintenance Staff, Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Elected Officials, Capital Budget Managers, Procurement Specialists


  • PVC pressure and non-pressure pipe applications (includes trenchless and fittings): market overview, design, standards, cyclic design, installation, tapping, mechanical joint restraints, testing/quality assurance, external load design, etc.;
  • Strategies to reduce capital budget rate shocks through asset management;
  • Updating your procurement policies to be eligible for new federal and state funding criteria;
  • Understanding life cycle cost analysis principles and how it applies to material selection;
  • Reducing operational, maintenance and capital costs through water audits, leak detection and pipe replacement;
  • The basics on flexible and rigid pipe design, deep bury for gravity pipe, large diameter applications for PVC pipe, and much more…


Greg Baird, President, Water Finance Research Foundation (WFRF)

Mr. Baird is a former CFO for the City of Aurora and currently serves on the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Capital Planning and Economic Development Committee and the AWWA National Rates and Charges Committee. He has worked with major U.S. municipal utilities to review their financial status and to optimize their asset management and infrastructure investment planning.

Steve Cooper, P.E., Senior Regional Engineer, PVC Pipe Association

Mr. Cooper has more than 20 years of experience in water utility operations and management as a Senior Director with the Louisville Water Company and has worked for the PVC Pipe Association for the past seven years. He is an expert in capital program management and engineering of water main replacement, rehabilitation and relocation projects, and water system maintenance.

Dave Eckstein, Product Support Manager, EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.

Mr. Eckstein has been in the PVC pipe industry for more than 30 years and is an expert in joint-restraint design and installation. He worked for the PVC Pipe Association for almost 20 years and as a consultant to the industry for more than 10 years. Consulting work has included court-related forensic evaluations, new product development and launch, sales personnel training, technical seminars, and workshop presentations.

John Houle, P.E., Technical Director, PVC Pipe Association

Mr. Houle has been in the PVC pipe industry for more than 25 years, primarily as an engineer for two PVC pipe manufacturers. His experience includes applications engineering, market development, forensic analysis, technical writing, and standards development. He was chief editor and technical consultant for the 5th edition of the Handbook of PVC Pipe: Design and Construction, the preeminent reference text on PVC pipe and fittings.

Dennis Shumard, P.E., Product Support Manager, EBAA Iron Sales, Inc.

Mr. Shumard has been involved in the waterworks industry for almost 30 years. His qualifications include the development of several thrust-restraint products that resulted in numerous granted patents. He is proficient in presenting product and design information to industry professionals through published papers and technical presentations.