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PVC Pipe Association Webinar Series

Welcome to the PVC Pipe Association's online webinar training series. Our webinars offer educational and informative workshops on an on-going basis to support the use of PVC piping in water and wastewater systems. Webinars include examples of how PVC pipe has benefited utilities across North America.

We also provide customized webinars on the design, specification and installation of PVC pipe for water and sewer projects. Let us know if you would like us to organize a webinar for your organization by emailing

*Note for PVC Pipe Association webinars offering Professional Development Hours (PDHs): Continuing education requirements for professional engineering licenses may differ from state to state. The final authority to approve PDHs, courses and credits and other ways to earn credits rests with each state licensing board. Individuals are advised to contact their respective state licensing boards regarding their continuing education requirements for professional engineering licensure.

Upcoming Webinars

Considerations for Pipe Material Selection: PVC vs. Ductile Iron (DI) Pipe

April 12, 2023 10:30 AM Enroll

Ideal for Water Utilities, Engineering, Consultants, Contractors and Government Agencies

PVC PipeToday's marketplace offers North American utilities a wide variety of piping to choose from. Pipe materials can differ significantly in performance capabilities and in the applications for which they are suitable. As a result, making direct comparisons between pipe materials can be challenging for utilities. This webinar will compare PVC and ductile iron (DI) pressure pipe with respect to their properties, design methodologies, installation requirements, and long-term performance in various applications. The information will help utilities that use both piping materials to make better informed decisions for their projects.

This one-hour webinar covers the following topics:

  • History and background of PVC and DI pipe
  • Hydraulics of PVC and DI pipe
  • Design considerations for PVC and DI pipe
  • Installation requirements for PVC and DI pipe
  • Pipe material longevity and performance

DI PipeTo view the background information for this webinar, please review the following links:

Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Central Standard Time
PDHs: 1
Price: $99.00


External Load Design for PVC Gravity and Pressure Pipes

April 26, 2023 10:30 AM Enroll

Ideal for Designers, Reviewers, Regulators and Managers of Piping Systems

External Load Design for PVC Gravity and Pressure PipesPVC Pipe Association staff will review information on the use of PVC gravity sewer and water in deep-bury applications. This webinar will address a subject commonly misunderstood by design engineers: flexible pipe design as it pertains to deep-bury installations. Some engineers and utilities across the country have arbitrarily set depth-of-bury limits for PVC without a complete engineering and installation analysis. Staff will review flexible pipe design and important engineering considerations for deep-bury projects. This presentation will explain how the pipe/soil structure provides the strength for PVC sewer and water pipe in buried applications.

This one-hour webinar covers the following topics:

  • Definition of pipe stiffness
  • Definitions for flexible pipe and rigid pipe
  • How pipe stiffness is determined
  • Comparison of pipe stiffness for different pipes
  • Trench types
  • Soil stiffness determination
  • Pipe/soil interactionExternal Load Design for PVC Gravity and Pressure Pipes
  • Deflection differences between large-diameter and small-diameter pipe
  • Deflection calculations
  • Pipe design examples for various depths

To view the background information for this webinar, please review the following:

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Central Standard Time
PDHs: 1
Price: $99.00


Municipal Case Study Series: City of Regina-Stantec Construction of a 60-Inch PVC Force Main

May 04, 2023 10:30 AM Enroll

Ideal for Sewer Utility Engineers, Installation and Maintenance Staff, Consulting Engineers, and Contractors

Municipal Case Study Series: City of Regina-Stantec Construction of a 60-Inch PVC Force MainWelcome to the PVC Pipe Association’s (PVCPA) municipal case study webinar series, featuring presentations from leading wastewater and waterworks experts. The third webinar in our series examines important topics on the design, construction, and testing of a large diameter PVC force main: the “Regina 60-inch PVC Third Sewage Force Main.” Following rainfall events in 2015 when surcharge sanitary flows discharged to nearby Wascana Creek, the City of Regina agreed with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency to system upgrades that could handle a 1:25/year 24-hour flow to the wastewater treatment plant. The “Third Sewage Force Main,” along with upgrades to the McCarthy Boulevard Sewage Pumping Station, increased the station’s capacity to be able to manage 1:25/year flows now and into the future without bypasses to Wascana Creek.

Michael Georgalas, P.E., Senior Hydraulics Engineer at Stantec, will lead the discussion along with Regina official Wenqing (Jennifer) Yang, P. E., and cover key aspects of this project including benefits to the City and challenges associated with design, installation, and testing of the force main due to its large size. These included design of unique thrust blocks, re-design and fabrication of PVC to steel flanged coupling adapters by the manufacturer, fabrication of bends to minimize the need for thrust blocks, and hydraulic capacity testing of the pipeline. In addition, as part of the force main design, a transient analysis was completed to determine appropriate opening and closing times for the 36-inch (900 mm) flow control valve used to divert flows into the force main.

The presentation will include a review by PVCPA Regional Engineer Jay Parvez, P.E., of the PVC pipe industry’s new online calculator for determining the cyclic life of sewer force mains. Design procedure and examples will be provided, along with additional considerations. The calculator is used in conjunction with the new “Force Main Design Guide for PVC Pipe,” which discusses cyclic surges in general, introduces the analytical method used by the calculator, and provides design examples for better understanding of the subject. Using the cyclic procedure provided in the guide enables a thorough analysis of a PVC force main project.

Featured Presenters

Michael Georgalas, P.E., is a Senior Hydraulics Engineer at Stantec and has extensive experience conducting fluid transient analysis and mitigation design for existing and new water and wastewater systems. He has completed more than 140 hydraulic transient (water hammer) projects at locations throughout North America. These included the analysis of existing and proposed systems to quantify the magnitude of potential pressures experienced under various transient-inducing events, and recommending measures to eliminate or mitigate them.

Wenqing (Jennifer) Yang, P.E., is Project Engineer at the City of Regina. She holds a Master of Applied Science (MASc) degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Regina. In her role at the City, she has planned and managed various capital projects for Regina’s water and wastewater infrastructure. These included sewage force main inspection and construction, water main and lift station condition assessment, domestic sewer flow monitoring, and construction of water pump and wastewater lift stations.

To view the background information for this webinar, please click on the following links:

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Central Standard Time
PDHs: 1
Price: $99.00


Tapping Small- and Large-Diameter PVC Water Pipe

May 10, 2023 10:30 AM Enroll

Ideal for Water and Sewer Utilities, Engineering Consultants and Installers

PVC Pressure Pipe Tapping GuidePVC Pipe Association (PVCPA) staff will review tapping procedures for both small- and large-diameter gasketed PVC pressure pipe. The presentation will include instructional diagrams and photos. “Tapping” involves drilling a hole into a main-line pipe to attach a branch line. It’s often done with the main line under full pressure so specialized techniques have been developed to streamline the installation process.

This 30-minute webinar will discuss proper tapping techniques for gasketed PVC water pipe and include the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Direct tapping
  3. Saddle tapping
  4. Sleeve tapping

To view the background information for this webinar, please review the following documents:

  1. PVC Pressure Pipe Tapping Guide
  2. Saddle Tapping Basics
  3. Handbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction
  4. Contractor's Guide for Installation of Gasketed PVC Water/Sewer Pipe

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Central Standard Time
PDHs: 0.5
Price: $49.00





  • Overview of PVC Pipe
  • Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Pipe


  • Design of PVC Pressure Pipelines
  • External Load Design for PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe
  • Sewer Force Main Design
  • Hydraulic Design - Friction Factors for PVC Piping Systems

Installation & Operation

  • Installation of PVC Water and Sewer Piping Systems
  • New Guide on Tapping Small and Large Diameter PVC Water Pipe
  • A Look at the Longevity of PVC Water Pipe

Additional Resources

  • Life Cycle Assessment for PVC Water and Sewer Pipe and Comparative Sustainability Analysis of Pipe Materials
  • Review of PVC Standards Sheets
  • Technical Resources for PVC Piping Systems: An Overview
  • Water and Sewer Utilities Considering PVC Pipe for the First Time