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PVC Pipe Association Webinar Series

Welcome to the PVC Pipe Association's online webinar training series. Our webinars offer educational and informative workshops on an on-going basis to support the use of PVC piping in water and wastewater systems. Webinars include examples of how PVC pipe has benefited utilities across North America.

We also provide customized webinars on the design, specification and installation of PVC pipe for water and sewer projects. Let us know if you would like us to organize a webinar for your organization by emailing

*Note for PVC Pipe Association webinars offering Professional Development Hours (PDHs): Continuing education requirements for professional engineering licenses may differ from state to state. The final authority to approve PDHs, courses and credits and other ways to earn credits rests with each state licensing board. Individuals are advised to contact their respective state licensing boards regarding their continuing education requirements for professional engineering licensure.


Upcoming Webinars


Past Topics

  • A Look at the Longevity of PVC Water Pipe
  • A Review of Utah State University's PVC Pipe Longevity Report: A Comprehensive Study on PVC Pipe Excavations, Testing & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Changes to AWWA C900 "Standard for PVC Pressure Pipe..."
  • Corrosion Considerations in Sewer Forcemains
  • Design of Large-Diameter PVC Gravity Sewer Pipelines
  • Design of PVC Gravity Pipe
  • Design of PVC Pressure Pipelines
  • Design of PVC Pressure Piping Systems
  • Dispelling Myths for PVC Pressure Pipe
  • External Load Design and Backfill Requirements for PVC Pressure Pipe
  • External Load Design for PVC Gravity and Pressure Pipes
  • External Load Design for PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe
  • Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Pipe
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the Design, Installation and Application of PVC Piping Systems - Part Three
  • Gravity Sewer Pipe - PVC's Advantages Over Other Materials
  • Hydraulic Comparison of Water and Sewer Piping Materials
  • Hydraulic Design - Friction Factors for PVC Piping Systems
  • Installation of PVC Water and Sewer Piping Systems
  • Irrigation Design and Installation for PVC Piping Systems
  • Life Cycle Assessment for PVC Water and Sewer Pipe and Comparative Sustainability Analysis of Pipe Materials
  • New Guide on Tapping Small and Large Diameter PVC Water Pipe
  • Overview of Non-Pressure PVC Fittings and Laterals
  • PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe for Deep-Bury Applications
  • PVC Pipe Culvert Design and Installation
  • PVC Pipe Performance in Earthquakes
  • PVC Storm Drainage Design and Installation
  • Review of Frequently Asked Questions on the Design, Installation and Application of PVC Piping - Part Two
  • Review of PVC Standards Sheets
  • Review of the New AWWA C900-16 Standard and Other PVC Pipe Standards Available
  • Review of Water Main Break Rates in the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study
  • Revisiting the 1994 AWWARF Study on PVC Pipe – 20 Years After
  • Sewer Force Main Design
  • Technical Resources for PVC Piping Systems: An Overview
  • The Importance of Life Cycle Thinking for Sustainable Piping Infrastructure
  • The Longevity of PVC Sewer Pipe
  • Understanding External-Load Design for PVC Gravity Pipe Applications
  • Using USDA's Corrosive Soils Map to Ensure Optimum Performance of Municipal Piping Systems
  • Water and Sewer Utilities Considering PVC Pipe for the First Time
  • Water Main Breaks - An Overview of Pipe Material Performance
  • Water Utilities Considering PVC Pipe for the First Time