Technical Committee

Members in Action

The Technical Committee supports Uni-Bell’s activities in the engineering, regulatory, public health and standardization communities. It meets twice a year in the spring and fall at the same time as the Operating and Market Development Committees.

Among its main functions, the Committee develops standards, reviews recently adopted or updated ones, and participates in research and development on PVC pipe. And from time to time, it makes recommendations to Uni-Bell’s Board of Directors.

The Committee also revises the Handbook of PVC Pipe: Design and Construction – the most comprehensive reference text on PVC pipe and fittings. The Handbook provides practical engineering and construction information, as well as recommendations on the design and function of PVC piping systems used primarily underground, in both pressure and non-pressure applications.

Any Member may request an item be put on the Technical Committee agenda, as well as participate in meetings to make a presentation or address a particular issue. To keep the Committee focused on matters relating to gasketed PVC pipe and core issues facing the industry, the Board of Directors approves agendas before meetings. Each Regular Member has one vote.

Uni-Bell publishes the results of Technical Committee meetings in its papers, guides, and recommended standard specifications.

Standards Development Sub-Committee


The Standards Development Sub-Committee oversees Uni-Bell’s cooperative efforts in the area of standards development.

It does so by participating in regular meetings of Standards Development Agencies (SDO’s), by maintaining regular contact with them throughout the year. These SDO’s include the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), NSF International, and others.

Many of the familiar PVC pipe standards used today – such as ASTM D3034 and ASTM F679 for sewer pipe, as well as AWWA C900 and AWWA C905 for water pipe – started as Uni-Bell recommended standard specifications.

Click here for a list of standards pioneered by Uni-Bell and now adopted by ASTM or AWWA.