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Communities Helping to Build a Greener Tomorrow with PVC Pipe

Over 50,000 North American water and wastewater utilities use PVC pipe today, and more than 2.5 million miles of PVC pipe are in service throughout the continent. Below is a partial list of major users.

If your utility is already using PVC pipe, trying it out for the first time, or expanding its use through a new specification, we encourage you to contact us, as well as one of your many peer cities in North America.

Join the list of Major PVC Pipe Users today. Apply for the PVC Pipe Association Sustainable Infrastructure Award by clicking “Award Application” if your community, utility, or district would like to be recognized for its significant contribution to environmental responsibility and cost-effective, long-term asset management for buried piping. Help build a greener tomorrow with PVC pipe.


List of Major PVC Pipe Users

Use the following links to access the list of some of the municipalities who use PVC pipe.

Map of PVC Water Users

Utilities that Specify PVC Water Pipe:

-Map of PVC Water Pipe Users

Utilities that Specify PVC Sewer Pipe and Force Mains:

-Map of PVC Sewer Pipe and Force Main Users

Map of PVC Sewer Users