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Clicking the download button brings up the menu for Uni-Bell's design software, "External Load Design for Flexible Conduits." The software doesn't apply exclusively to PVC. It may be used for calculating the long-term deflections of any flexible pipe material.

Uni-Bell Software Download Instructions:

Please follow these instructions to download and install the software on your local system. The file size of is 2.2 MB. Estimated time to download with a 56k modem is 2 minutes.

  1. Complete the download to a folder you can access on your local system.
  2. After completion of the download, locate the file on your local system.
  3. The file is a zip file. Upon double-clicking the file, it will open to show 3 individual files. You may want to move the file to an individual folder before extracting the files.
  4. After double-clicking on the, click on the button marked “Extract”. You will be prompted for the destination folder to extract the 3 files contained in
  5. After selecting a destination, click “Extract”. The 3 files will be extracted to the destination that you selected.
  6. Exit from the file.
  7. Locate the files extracted on your local drive using Windows Explorer.
  8. Double-click on setup.exe to start the installation of the software on your local system.
  9. Click ok, then click on the computer icon and click on ok.



Thrust restraint is needed to address changes in diameter or direction. The Thrust Restraint Calculator enables engineers and designers to quickly determine the thrust restraint needs for PVC piping systems. The PVC pipe industry offers a full line of thrust restraint products to meet every project need. Please contact one of our Regional Engineers for specific product and design questions.

We thank EBAA Iron, Inc. an Associate Member of the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, for providing this resource. Clicking the download button will start the opening menu for this software.