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Installation Guide for PVC Solid-Wall Sewer Pipe (4 - 60 inches): UNI-PUB-06

This Technical Publication is entitled, "Installation Guide for PVC Solid-Wall Sewer Pipe (4 - 60 inches).


Newly revised tapping guide for PVC pipe includes sections on: (1) Introductory material that applies to all types of tapping; (2) Direct tapping — where corp stop is screwed directly into threads in pipe wall — for branch line sizes up to 1-inch; (3) Saddle tapping — where corp stop is screwed into threads in metal saddle that wraps around pipe — for branch sizes up to 2-inch; (4) Sleeve tapping — where branch line is attached via flange on sleeve that wraps around pipe — for branch lines up to size-on-size.

Guide for PVC Pressure Fittings: UNI-PUB-13

PVC pressure fittings — guide for design and installation.

Installation Guide for PVC Pressure Pipe: UNI-PUB-09

This title of this Technical Publication is "Installation Guide for PVC Pressure Pipe."

When Performance Counts: UNI-PUB-10

This Technical Publication reviews the benefits that PVC provides in buried water applications

PVC - The Right Choice for Trenchless Projects: UNI-PUB-11

This Technical Publication describes PVC options available for installing pipe with trenchless technology. Trenchless options for pressure and non-pressure pipe are discussed.

Design and Installation Guide: PVC Fittings & Laterals for Solid-Wall PVC Sewer Pipe: UNI-PUB-12

This Technical Publication has been developed for design and installation of PVC fittings where solid-wall PVC pipe is used in non-pressure applications. The guide provides information on the wide range of fittings that are available for various dimension ratios and outside diameters of PVC pipe through 60-inch. Also included is information on installation practices.