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North America's underground infrastructure is crumbling at an alarming rate, so smarter, more cost-effective and sustainable practices are needed.

Broader use of PVC pipe would solve this problem and enable municipalities to spend taxpayer dollars more wisely. To do this, local governments and utilities need to modernize outdated procurement practices that ignore corrosion-proof PVC pipe.

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Industry expert and Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association Executive Director Bruce Hollands shares the facts.

Bruce Hollands

PVC Pipe Addresses Corrosion Crisis and Offers Sustainability, Says AWWA Journal Article

Posted By Bruce Hollands on Jun 9, 2011

A recent article from the AWWA Journal argues that PVC pipe is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound solution to the corrosion crisis afflicting U.S. water systems. Click here to read.

Written by water infrastructure expert and former utility CFO Gregory M. Baird, the article emphasizes the versatility of PVC, calling it “a game changer for a nation dealing with corrosion issues while looking for financially sustainable infrastructure to meet both replacement and expansion needs."

Arguing that long-term financial and asset management planning are needed for water systems, the author underlines that PVC is the consistent frontrunner when such methods are used to compare piping materials, demonstrating its cost savings “over ferrous materials such as ductile iron and steel while addressing corrosion issues and matching long-term performance.”

Referencing a study that shows PVC has a lower carbon footprint than both ductile iron and recycled ductile iron pipe, Baird also notes that PVC pipe meets many of the sustainability criteria being considered by the USEPA's Aging Water Infrastructure (AWI) Research Program.

As well, Baird stresses the importance of open procurement practices to include "PVC pipe as a low-cost, long-term, durable and sustainable option" in municipal bids. Utilities that fail to adopt such practices, he says, “are open to harsh criticism by both ratepayers and potential bondholders."

The PVC Pipe Association is pleased that the AWWA Journal has published Mr. Baird’s comprehensive review of PVC pipe’s outstanding qualities. In print for over 90 years, the Journal is a leading source of information on water and water utility management that reaches 90,700 readers every month.