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As part of our ongoing efforts to represent the PVC pipe industry in the engineering, regulatory, public health and standardization sectors, Uni-Bell staff participate in a wide variety of events, including state and national water/wastewater conferences, trade shows, seminars, and standards development forums.  Staff also attends local, state, and federal government agency meetings. 

2017 Events


Feb 6-7 TPWA Annual Short Course Conference Killeen, TX 
Feb 7-8 AWWA MI Joint Expo Lansing, MI
Feb 27-Mar 1 PVCPA Annual Meeting

Scottsdale, AZ

Mar 7-9 Water Infrastructure Conference Flint, MI
Apr 2-7 ASTM International Committee Week  Toronto, ON 
Apr 11-13 CA-NV AWWA Spring Conference Anaheim, CA
Apr 13-14 U.S. Conference of Mayors Water Council Santa Barbara, CA
May 2-5 Pacific Northwest AWWA Conference Kennewick, WA
May 5 ACCE Spring Task Force Summit Charlotte, NC
May 10-11 PVCPA Committee Meetings Grapevine, TX
May 17-18 VI Congressional Fly-In Washington, DC
June 11-15 AWWA ACE2017 Philadelphia, PA
June 23-26 US Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting Miami Beach, FL
July 19-21 ACCE Annual Meeting Denver, CO
Aug 6-9 ASCE Pipelines Phoenix, AZ
Aug 27-31 APWA PWX Orlando, FL
Sept 30-Oct 5 WEFTEC Chicago, IL
Oct 8-11 ASCE  Convention New Orleans, LA
Oct 25-26 PVCPA Committee Meetings Grapevine, TX
Nov 8-10 VI Annual Meeting Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Dec 6-8 ACCE Policy Summit Nashville, TN


2016 Events


Jan 12-13

PVCPA Technical Committee Meetings

Dallas, TX

Jan 20

Mayors Water Council Meeting

Washington, D.C.

Feb 9-11

Hydrostatic Stress Board Meetings

Las Vegas, NV

Feb 22-24

PVCPA's 44th Annual Meeting

Key Largo, FL

Mar 21-22

Illinois Section AWWA Meeting

Springfield, IL

Apr 11-13

ASTM International - April 2016 Committee Week Meeting

San Antonio, TX

Apr 14-15

Mayors Water Council Meeting

Hollywood, FL

Apr 19-22

Texas Water Conference

Fort Worth, TX

Apr 27-29

Central Basin Water Association Technical Workshop

Lakewood, CA

May 10-12

Pennsylvania Section AWWA Meeting

New Cumberland, PA

May 24-26

VT/RI Connecticut Section AWWA Meeting

Woodstock, VT 

Jun 19-22

AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition

Chicago, IL

Jun 22-23

“Vinyl Matters” Sustainability Summit

Washington, D.C.

Jun 24-27

U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, IN

Jul 17-20

ASCE Pipelines 2016

Kansas City, MO

Jul 27-29

ACCE Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, IN

Aug 8-12

HSB Meeting

Montreal, QC

Aug 28-30

APWA Annual Conference

Minneapolis, MI

Sept 12-14

Plastics Pipes XVIII Conference & Expo

Berlin, Germany

Sept 13-15

AWWA Michigan Section Annual Conference

Harbor Springs, MI

Sept 19-21

VI Annual Conference/Congressional Fly-In

Washington, D.C.

Oct 5-6

PVCPA Technical Committee Meetings

Grapevine, TX

Nov 2-3

Mayor's Water Council Meeting Napa, CA

Nov 14-17

ASTM International Committee Week

Orlando, FL

Nov 30-Dec 2

 2016 ACCE Policy Summit

Washington, D.C.


2015 Events


Jan 20-21

PVCPA's Technical Committee Meetings Austin, TX

Feb 10

Indiana Section AWWA Meeting Indianapolis, IN

Feb 10-12

Hydrostatic Stress Board Meetings Cape Coral, FL

Feb 22-25

PVCPA's 43rd Annual Meeting Playa Herradura, Costa Rica

Mar 11-13

Design-Build for Water/Wastewater Conference San Antonio, TX

Mar 14-17

South Carolina Section AWWA Meeting Myrtle Beach, SC

Mar 19

New Jersey Section AWWA Meeting Atlantic City, NJ

Mar 23-25

Illinois Section AWWA Meeting Springfield, IL

Mar 28

Missouri Section AWWA Meeting Osage Beach, MO
Mar 30 Missouri AWWA/MWEA Conference

Springfield, IL

Apr 14

New York Section AWWA Meeting

Saratoga Springs, NY

Apr 14-17

Texas Section AWWA Meeting Corpus Christi, TX

Apr 27-29

ASTM Meetings Anaheim, CA

Apr 30 

Mayors Water Council Meeting 

Washington, DC

May 7

PIPEiD Workshop Mt. Laurel, NJ

May 15

ALEC Spring Task Force Summit Savannah, GA

Jun 2-3

VI Congressional Fly-In Washington, DC

Jun 7-10

AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition Anaheim, CA

Jun 19-22

U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Conference San Francisco, CA

July 22-24

ALEC Annual Meeting San Diego, CA

July 27

Kentucky-Tennessee Section AWWA Meeting Covington, KY

Aug 23-26

ASCE Pipelines Conference Baltimore, MA

Sept 21

Vinyl Council of Canada Thorold ON

Sept 23-24

PVCPA Technical Committee Meetings  Dallas, TX

Sept 26-30

WEFTEC Chicago, IL

Oct 14 

AWWA Water Infrastructure Bethesda, MD

Oct 14-15

World Chlorine Council Meeting New Delhi, India

Nov 3-6

Nebraska AWWA/APWA/NWEA Conference Kearney, NE

Nov 4-6

2015 Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting Bonita Springs, FL

Dec 7-8

2015 PPXVII Organizing Committee Meeting Berlin, Germany 

Dec 8-9

AWWA North American Water Loss Conference Atlanta, GA


2014 Events


Jan 14-15

PVCPA Task Group Meetings Dallas, TX

Jan 26

CUIRE Pipe School Houston, TX

Jan 28-30

Underground Construction Tech. Conference Houston, TX

Feb 5-6

PVCPA Committee Meetings Orlando, FL

Feb 11

Indiana Section AWWA Meeting Indianapolis, IN

Feb 18-20

Hydrostatic Stress Board Meeting San Diego, CA

Feb 23-26

Water and Sewer Distributors of America Conf. Scottsdale, AZ

Mar 10-12

PVCPA's 42nd Annual Meeting Ft. Laud., FL

Mar 27

Mayors Water Council Meeting Washington, DC

April 7-8

North Carolina Section AWWA Meeting Wilmington, NC

April 7-9

ASTM F17/D20 Meetings Toronto, ON

April 14-17

Texas Section AWWA Meeting Dallas, TX

May 1-2

ALEC Spring Task Force Summit Kansas City, MO

May 13-15

New York Section AWWA Conference Rochester, NY

May 15

Michigan Section AWWA Conference Lansing, MI

May 20-21

VI Congressional Fly-In  Washington, DC
Jun 4-5 National Assoc. of Home Builders Conference

Washington, DC

Jun 8-11

AWWA Annual Conference Boston, MA

Jun 20-23

U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Conference    Dallas, TX

Jul 22-23

National Sanitation Foundation Meeting Ann Arbor, MI

Jul 30-31

ALEC Annual Meeting Dallas, TX

Aug 3-6

ASCE Pipelines Conference Portland, OR

Aug 25-26

NASCLA Annual Conference Newport, RI

Aug 25-27

Ohio Section AWWA Conference  Columbus, OH

Sept 8-9

Virginia Section AWWA Conference  Hampton, VA

Sept 10-12

PVCPA Technical Committee Meetings  Dallas, TX

Sept 22-24

Plastic Pipes XVII Conference Chicago, IL

Oct 6-8

2014 WaterPro Conference Seattle, WA

Oct 8-11

California - Nevada Section AWWA San Diego, CA

Oct 13-15

Southwest Section AWWA Tulsa, OK
Oct 17-18

North Carolina AWWA

Raleigh, NC

Oct 20-22

Vinyltec Conference Indianapolis, IN
Nov 5-6

Nebraska AWWA

Kearney, NE 

Nov 10-12

ASTM F17/D20 Meetings New Orleans, LA

Nov 12-14

2014 Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting 

Miami, FL

Nov 17-18

North Carolina AWWA Section Meeting Winston,-Salem, NC

Nov 19-20

New Jersey State League of Municipalities  Atlantic City, NJ
Dec 1-2

Florida AWWA Section Meetings

Orlando, FL

Dec 3-4

UIM Conference Arlington, VA

Dec 4-5

Mayors Water Summit Washington, DC


2013 Events

Sept 10-11

   PVCPA Technical Committee Meetings Grapevine, TX

Sept 23-25

   US Water Alliance Leadership Summit Los Angeles, CA

Sept 25

   Vinyl Institute Meeting Alexandria, VA

Sept 26

   VA Tech – Engineering Research Center Workshop Alexandria, VA

Oct 2

   National Rural Water Association Annual Conference Louisville, KY

Oct 7-8

   WEFTEC Chicago, IL

Oct 9-10

   Mayors Water Summit Alexandria, VA

Oct 22

   PVCPA Webinar - Technical Resources for PVC Piping Systems Dallas, TX

Nov 6-8

   The Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting Orlando, FL

Nov 7

   PVCPA Webinar - Installation of PVC Water & Sewer Piping Systems Dallas, TX

Nov 11-14

   ASTM D20 and F17 Committee Meetings Jacksonville, FL

Dec 6

   ALEC States and Nation Policy Summit Washington, DC




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