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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua Shoreline Cleanup

The North American PVC Pipe industry is very serious about the environment. That's why we manufacture one of the most sustainable products on earth. PVC pipe requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture than old-technology materials, and its production creates virtually no waste. Production of PVC pipe requires one-fourth the energy of concrete pipe and half that of iron pipe. PVC pipe manufacturing is also extremely efficient, with virtually 100 percent of the PVC compound being used.

Moreover, PVC pipe’s ultra-smooth interior surface reduces pumping costs and its leak-free joints eliminate water loss – which can be up to 40 percent in corrosion-prone piping networks. But PVC pipe’s greatest environmental attribute is perhaps its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance – leading to less waste, better water conservation, and lower costs for system  maintenance and repair.

Environmental responsibility also includes keeping the world clean from seaborne litter and debris. Marine litter, which is caused by people and organizations who carelessly discard garbage that ends up in the oceans, is a growing concern.

In an effort to promote healthy and clean coastal environments, the PVC Pipe Association has partnered with local residents and businesses on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, to clean up the shores of this island paradise. Little Corn Island was recently included in the latest edition of the travel classic,"1000 Places to See Before You Die."

Little Corn Island

Beach Environment Cleanup Organization Initiative

The initiative, locally called the Beach Environment Cleanup Organization Initiative (B-ECO-I), will not only clean up this beautiful tropical island – and keep it clean –but will shed light on the growing problem of marine litter and the need to address it through behavioral change, anti-litter laws, and greater awareness of our environmental responsibility.

B-ECO-I emphasizes the role that everyone can play in making the world a cleaner and better place, promoting a greater sense of civic pride, and serving as a model to communities around the world. Alongside its message of proper garbage disposal, B-ECO-I also focuses on the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle. All marine debris collected on the island is either recycled or sent to the mainland on otherwise empty cargo ships (dead heading) to be processed in an environmentally sound manner.



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